Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Moment Nothing Danced into Everything

By: Ryan Stefan
8/24/2009 - Slight Revision 6/24/2015

Story of the Infinite

            An eternity of possibility ago sat a vast and infinite nothingness. The potential for some existence was no match for this vast nothingness. Alas came our destroyer of emptiness, everything. However infinite nothing and infinite everything were evenly matched. And so exists, will always exist, and has always existed, the eternal battle between nothing and everything. We're looking at the true infinite where not only all possibilities must exist, but nothing must also exist infinitely. Where existence and nothing co-exist in a never ending cycle.
            The idea of a limited universe is truly more abstract. In an infinite reality some possibilities cannot exist unless all possibilities exist. An example of this, if time is infinite, how can anything inside of time not be? This universe is under the same laws that everything inside of it is. Our universe is just another cycling sequence of life and death. I like to think that after the big bang we have a big freeze where all the energy eventually stops vibrating. So our universe is just another piece to the same pattern. Then we can stretch infinitely in origin and size. As our universe cycles on and off, so do other universes. Creating another sequence of patterns on a different scale.

Time and Geometry

           Someone once asked me what created the big bang. I've also read that in order for matter or rather physical reality to exist it needs geometric shape, light, and color. I realized that since reality is infinite, then nothing new is ever created. That would mean that every possibility of every reality, moment, and experience already exists. However, in order to streamline an experience through a conscious observer like ourselves, each moment must geometrically link to the next. That means that the big bang is actually simply the beginning of our geometric law of experience that allows us to stream through different moments, creating time. So we are floating in the infinite riding a line of geometric shape in an infinite loop. So you only need geometric shape, light, and color for conscious experience rather than reality or matter it's self.

Consciousness of the Infinite

            They say that consciousness is a series of collapsing bubbles. However no one really understands what consciousness is. I see consciousness as the observation of self. And I don’t mean the observation of your identity or anything like that. What I mean is that any energy sequence that exists will also observe itself. So we have our very complicated brains, which store and send chemically induced energy patterns all over the place in a vastly complicated system. These patterns collect emphasis at certain points. This emphasis collaborates at some point in our brain. And since the energy sequence exists in our brains it is observed. So what we are at any given point is an energy sequence being aware of itself. If consciousness is the collapse of energy being aware of itself, then everything that exists is conscious of itself.
            At the origin of everything would be the energy sequence of everything. This sequence of everything would also observe itself. Everything aware of itself is the conscious entity equivalent to a realistic representation of "god".


            I am a collection of thoughts and memories which reside in my brain. My first thought could have been during the development of my brain. When I was a fetus. When the neural network I didn’t choose began to take place. Eventually I had an experience at random from some source of stimulation. This stimulation triggered my first response. This response was my first conditioned reaction. From this point many other experiences created responses. For my entire life I have reacted to a chain of events from that first experience. Fate is defined as that which is inevitably predetermined. Everything that has ever happened to me was fate. All of my experiences where observed by my consciousness. All my experiences where observed in the infinite conciseness of all possibility. I am the infinite observing a possibility.

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