Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to Lose Weight

I see a lot of diet programs out there all of them with the “newest breakthrough!” and I understand with all of these diet programs floating around its hard to know what actually works.

Well I obsessed over the answer for a few months actually not because I personally feel I'm over weight, but just because I cant stand not understanding something.

Heres what I came up with, Its so simple, yet so effective.

The key is frequency I have actually had trouble gaining weight because I'm a frequent snacker I actually rarely am full I just snack when I get hungry.

What this does is it tells my body “hey you get food all the time no need to conserve anything” and as a result my metabolism sky rockets.

So heres what you do eat some crackers every few hours or a bag of chips health nut or not this will drop some serious pounds very quick.

The reason this works, if you think back to what we have evolved from, we used to hunt for food. Some cultures still hunt for food on a daily basis. So we evolved from not knowing if we would eat that day or even that week.

So lets say a hunter doesnt find any pigs in the woods or whatever that day, well his body is going to slow its metabolism down in order to conserve food. Now if this hunter kills 3 pigs one day and eats a little off the pig constantly then his body will know this he is frequently eating and theres no need to conserve anything.

Everything from sleeping, eating, to going to the bathroom is all run on a biological patten called the circadian rhythm. So if you eat one huge meal a day for dinner then your circadian rhythm is going to naturally conserve your food until around that time the next day.

This is were healthy food comes into play the food now has so much fat and sugar in it that when your body conserves it, it over compensates and you end up packing a lot of extra baggage. Yet if you simply ate those sugary foods more frequently you wouldn't have that problem you could eat whatever you wanted and be completely healthy.

So when you see a diet with healthy food, or a diet that makes you less hungry all those do is make you suffer because you think you have to. When in reality snacking all the time and doing the opposite is the natural way to lose weight.

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  1. This is actually great weight loss advice. Most any nutrition experts who aren't complete morons will tell you that you should eat 5 or 6 small meals per day, instead of one or two big ones.