Sunday, October 4, 2009

6 Human Needs

I watched a Tony Robbins seminar probably about a year or so ago and he basically said that every desire a human ever has is at its core to essentially fulfill 1 or more of 6 basic human needs.

These needs are:
-love and or connection with others


Since then I have used these to categorize and farther understand why I want the things I want. And has made figuring out how to balance myself and be a happier person a lot easier.

So I'm going to kinda define these needs so that you can understand what they mean exactly.

Certainty – To be certain about things is essential whether this be a sense of security, or maybe know what and why your going to do that day.

Uncertainty – This is essential because if we are too certain about things in our lives we would be bored. So this can be obtained by wreck less and dangerous acts or maybe reading a mystery novel.

Love and connection – Without friends and family we would be very, very lonley.

Significance – We need to feel important. Some people achieve this feeling though work, some through competition, but everyone meets this need some how.

Ok now the next two needs are not always achieved by everyone for example someone addicted to drugs will get the first four needs met, but not the last two.

Growth – People need to grow in their ambitions. This is where passion comes from.

Contribution – Contributing your growth to others.

Everyone gets these needs met in a way based on their own beliefs Is most effective. Once you can get them all met residually then you will have ultimate balance.

Also seeing this in other people you will recognize that they are just trying to meet there needs no need in getting in their way. So judge not, everyone is human.

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